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If your account was disabled, read this!

Go to forum and share your story!

Many people have their accounts disabled every day.

Dropbox doesn't explain and doesn't solve it.

Photos, documents and memories are lost.

Lives are ruined.

The purpose of this page is to join forces to recover our memories.

The damage is immeasurable!

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I created this site to be a reference for subscribers who had their Dropbox's accounts disabled.

People are without assistance, without references and not knowing what to do. Technical support does not respond. Access to the Dropbox forum has been cut off.

Many people complain on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn cannot have the strength to ask the authorities for an attitude against the actions that Dropbox has committed.

I don't know which is the way, but those affected need to unite to recover what they've lost.

The damage is immeasurable!

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I really need your help. I still trust in Dropbox.

I believed that with Smart Sync I would be protecting my files. I have approximately 190,000 files on Dropbox, with only 7,000 on my physical drive. 96% of my files were exclusively online.

I lost access to 120,000 personal photos, medical history of my entire family, tax documents, among other very important things.

Dropbox is part of my digital daily life.

If there is anything illegal, I really don't know. I haven't received any notifications from Dropbox about any illegal files. If I had received it, I would certainly have taken the necessary steps.

I want to make Dropbox completely free to delete any illegal content on my account. If it exists, it's an exception within my 190,000 files.

Canceling the full access, for some illegal file, that I was not aware of and did not receive notification, is a disproportionate and very drastic solution.

I really trust that we will find a solution. I need to recover my files, my whole life is on Dropbox. Please delete anything that Dropbox deems illegal and against the terms of use.

I count on your help and support.

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