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Jan 20, 2022
Your Name: Thomas Country: Germany Account type (Free/ Plus/ Business): Plus When it was disabled? January 12, 2022 Where do you complain (Support by email / Twitter / Instagram / Reddit/ LinkedIn/ Other)? Email - tried other possibilities, but Dropbox didn't let me due to the fact I couldn't log in. Ticket Numbers:15596428 Did Dropbox explain the disabled reason? sort of What was Dropbox justify? Dropbox’s Acceptable Use Policy prohibits, among other things, use of the Dropbox Services in conjunction with materials that “constitute child sexually exploitative material (including material which may not be illegal child sexual abuse material but which nonetheless sexually exploits or promotes the sexual exploitation of minors), unlawful pornography, or are otherwise indecent.” Your account was determined to be in violation of these policies. In accordance with our Terms of Service, Dropbox reserves the right to terminate your access to the Services without notice when you are in material breach of our terms, when providing notice would cause Dropbox to incur legal liability or compromise our ability to provide Services to other users, or when we are prohibited from providing such notice by law. This is, of course, utter bullshit. But they wouldn't give me any examples or justify where and what kind of files they might have found Have you been notified before account disabled? no Did you lose files that were exclusively online? no Did you recover your account or files? no Legal Action? I haven't got the means and even if I were to sue, that wouldn't give me back my files.


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